Eric Minor

This blog site is, in essence, therapy for me.  I have strong opinions about what is going on in America and have found myself frequently frustrated with the things I hear from our politicians.  This frustration was largely internalized until it finally boiled over after the 2013 State of the Union Address.  Some of the things I heard in that speech regarding the deficit prompted me to get my frustration “down on paper” by creating a video mash-up debunking the misinformation:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wI8GjkSzhM

It took a little time to learn the video editing software (Camtasia) and pull my source material together, but having done it, I was able to breathe an internal sigh of relief that I had finally taken action.  Whether or not my effort was seen by anyone or influenced anyone, I had at least taken action, and it felt good.

I live in the Seattle area and engage in software consulting as my primary career, but also own a small retail shop in Gig Harbor called Animal Crackers Kid’s Store.  Perhaps because of this side career in retail, I took particular interest in the $15 per hour minimum wage push that erupted out of nowhere in Seattle (and elsewhere) in 2014.  I attended several of the city council meetings on the subject, speaking out against the proposition in each case, and also penned a few OpEds that were published in a few different venues:

I’ve decided I have a lot more to say and hence, the birth of this blog.  I’ll continue to submit my opinions to other outlets, but it will be nice to have a home on the web to get my opinion out whenever the mood strikes.  I would describe myself as fiscally conservative and socially moderate and feel like the tag “libertarian” describes me pretty well.

I’m a big Mark Levin fan and can thank him for exposing me to a number of subjects I hope to explore more deeply on this site.  These are my core principles (which I have adopted from another organization that believes in liberty):

  • Limited Constitutional Government
  • Free Markets
  • Fiscal and Personal Responsibility

Most of the topics on this site will revolve around those core values.  I hope you find them worthwhile.