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Southern Border Chaos

By Eric Minor

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“Bill, you call your position supporting President Obama’s amnesty of child illegals ‘noble’.  It is naive at best.  You and the President may as well have shouted with a bullhorn that parents throughout the third world should immediately sneak into the US with children in tow.  Who wouldn’t want a better life for their children?  It’s been a crisis for decades and you’ve added fuel to the fire.”

That was the “pithy” email I sent to Bill O’Reilly on June 19, 2012 after viewing his nightly program on Fox News in which he soft-peddled or even outright endorsed President Obama’s amnesty of illegal alien “dreamers”. That was the first time my frustration had ever boiled over enough while watching The Factor that it actually prompted me to send an email.

I sent another one to The Factor a few moments later as I simply had to vent about something from his guest as well: “Did I hear Juan Williams correctly?  As long as the President first makes a game effort to get a law passed in Congress, such as comprehensive immigration reform, he is then entitled to unilaterally enact that law without the consent of Congress?  Absurd.”

Now, two years later, the crisis I predicted has come to pass. Each week, hundreds or even thousands of alien children are streaming across the southern border into America. In a pathetic example of life imitating art, they surrender to the first border patrol agent they can find much like the affable North Korean soldier that enthusiastically surrenders to Hawkeye, BJ, and anyone else in a U.S. uniform in “The Yalu Brick Road” episode of M*A*S*H.

I’m not patting myself on the back for having some keen and rare insight on this matter two years ago. Almost any moderately intelligent adult with even the most rudimentary understanding of human nature would have been able to guess at the inevitable outcome. It makes one wonder if it is sheer incompetence that is driving the actions of the current administration or if President Obama is in fact intentionally trying to destroy America as we know it.

I know the liberal progressives that are happening upon this column are rolling their eyes at that last statement. But as the hit parade continues to roll on, one simply can’t help but wonder, “Is it deliberate?”

The noble republic set up by our founders seems to have gone off the rails. The imperial president, as Mark Levin calls him, rules by fiat while an impotent Congress stands by meekly with barely a whimper of protest. The separation of powers doctrine established by the Constitution has been all but obliterated as President Obama uses “his pen and his phone” to enact (or ignore) whatever laws and regulations he fancies.

I can understand the Democrats remaining silent. But what about the Republicans? Is there not a single Republican in the House of Representatives with enough courage and integrity to draft articles of impeachment against the President? I don’t care if it has a bonafide chance to pass the House (by a simple majority) or the Senate (by a two-thirds majority) or not. Is there no one who will step up and defend the rule of law and say that this will not be tolerated?

The world has a population of about 7 billion people — I would imagine a good half of those would prefer to live in the relative prosperity of America if they could. It is simply not possible for America to absorb all the people that would come here if we would allow it. We cannot make decisions about immigration and border security based on emotion. Responsible leadership in America requires a good degree of pragmatism and a stiff spine — traits that seem to be largely absent from our current leadership. Everyone wants the world’s children (and adults for that matter) to have prosperity — but we simply can’t allow the world’s masses to stream over our borders unhindered. It is a recipe for disaster.

The lawless actions of President Obama, promising amnesty to millions of illegal alien children without the consent of Congress, has resulted in a crisis on our southern border. This edict must be reversed immediately in order to begin regaining control of the situation.